The season is finally over. S…

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The season is finally over.

Season 2020-2021 was two years instead of one, but these two years were difficult for everyone. So many tournaments were lost, we are missing of them and hoping for their return in the next one.

But with the end of the season we have our season leaders!!!

Men’s 5vs5

1st place: unreachable Prague Trolls SKSKB PRAHA, Czech Republic with a HUUUUUGE gap to their closest chaser! They won 8 of 9 their tournaments in two years!

2-nd place: Legenda Północy, Poland. 9 tournaments, 57 fights! Expressive progress!

3-rd place: KS Rycerz, another Polish team with the same number of tournament as LP. Their will to remain the best Polish team got strong opponent this year and… Meer