Dear HMB Santa… marathon …

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Dear HMB Santa… marathon

December has come, which means that the most favorite holidays are ahead – Christmas and New Year! It’s time for us, adults, respectable and serious people, to believe in a fairy tale again and remember our childhood. We invite you to take part in our New Year’s marathon.

We asked the captains of the national teams and representatives of the country to write a letter to HMB Santa or any other New Year’s spirit popular in the country.

In the letter, they describe their desires for the coming year regarding HMB sport in general, for themselves or their team. Here they can ask Santa for any other options they need.

In the comments to the captains’ letters, you can write your own letters. Let’s plunge into the New Year’s atmosphere together and believe the fairy tale!

Start of the marathon on December, 6. Join us!

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