The Outrance Combat (ProF…

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The Outrance Combat (ProFight) qualifier tournament will be held in New Zealand this Saturday, 22 January 2022.

There will be fights in the super heavy, heavy and light weight male and female categories.

CelloSport, the company that specializes in online broadcasting of sports events in New Zealand will be running the livestream, so you can join and support fighters via the link The action will start on Saturday, Jan 22 at 9:30AM (NZ time), Friday, Jan 21 at 9:30PM (CET), and Fri Jan 21 2:30PM (CT) for USA.

Super Heavy Weight – 9:30am
Women – 9:45am
Heavy Weight – 10:30am
Light Weight – 11:00am
Fun challenge fights – 11:15am
PRIZE GIVING – once the challenge fights are finished.

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