Dear friends, There are only …

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Dear friends,

There are only a few hours left until the moment HMB athletes will step into the list to fight for the title of champion at the Buhurt Next tournament. We cannot thank enough all the people involved in the organisation process, those who actually managed to make it happen. In the current climate, the whole event was being worked at a heightened risk of any minute regulations’ change or new restriction measures. Unfortunately, in this unequal battle with Covid-19 at the last minute Aquila Sequania team had to withdraw from the tournament due to positive tests. It was decided to merge groups and all teams will fight in an all-to-all Group stage and the 4 best teams will proceed to the Finals. Don’t miss the live stream which is planned for 13.00 CET! We promise you a lot of spectacular fights, vivid interviews on the scene and professional commentary by the HMB legend Gavin Stewart.