Come and meet the homies from …

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Come and meet the homies from Poland!
KS Rycerz have an immediately recognizable battle cry: Are you there homies? Here we are homie! (PL:. Jesteście ziomeczki? Jesteśmy ziomeczku!) and an even more remarkable battle dance that gained them the nickname Skibidi Team this past season alluding to the song and dance by Little Big: skibidi.
But don’t let this fun and welcoming team fool you! They hit hard on the battlefield!
KS Rycerz has a unique brotherhood atmosphere that attracts new recruits to this team from all over the country.
Founded in 2010, they are the oldest and biggest team in Poland and each fighter has been chosen to represent their nation internationally (RKP). For the last three years, they have been the unsurpassed champions in the Polish Buhurt League (PLWR) and are always in the top 10 of the Buhurt League, finishing BL season 2020-2021 with a third place!
Constantly working on their improvements these jokers are here to give you a great performance and unforgettable fights!

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