Today is the time for rom…

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Today is the time for romance! Love is in the air. And we train with special trepidation, because we love HMB so much!

We have prepared for you a very romantic story about how Samantha Chapman found her beloved man and her favorite sport in one day. It all started in a very romantic way!

“I learned about HMB sport thanks to my partner. It was our first date in 2018 and we went to the HMB event to watch buhurt first hand. I fell in love with the sound of steel against steel, it’s not the same as when you watch it in videos.

A short time later, I was already helping my boyfriend with armor and was acquainted with all the fighters of the Bohurt Zona Sur HMB club. There were only two girls on the team and they really encouraged me to try it”, said Sam.

Do you have romantic stories related to HMB and romance. Tell us in the comments.

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