A President, a Captain an…

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A President, a Captain and, most important of all, a Brother.

Italy has received a huge blow as we bid farewell to Carlo Desideri, Captain of the Iron Tower team. He leaves us with a huge hole in our hearts, but with warm memories of his encouraging words and fighting spirit.

Carlo was a loving, eccentric and loyal person, he always knew how to motivate, teach and support everyone he met. He completely believed in his team and gave them everything, going to training sessions when exhausted, fighting all categories, even the ones he didn’t like, to help others train.
He would pick his teammates up, one by one, and they would travel together reliving their adventures and fights in the list, laughing together even while being exhausted on the way back from tournaments.

Many people were touched by Carlo’s helpful and motivating spirit and we will miss his jokes, his contagious happiness, his party attitude and the carefree moments that were shared.
He was a courageous fighter in the list, the last man standing. His devotion and conviction would always light a fire in our hearts.

Thank you for everything, Carlo.