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Tournament results

Carolina Carnage 2022

Buhurt Challenger, USA, 26 February

Men’s 5vs5
1-st place: Knyaz USA
2-nd place: Warlords
3-rd place: World Easters

Most Valuable Fighter: Andrew Mccabe, Knyaz USA

Men’s 12v12
1-st place: Knyaz
2-nd place: Blood Boars
3-rd place: Trash Golems

Most Valuable Fighter: Santos Abraham Sanchez, Blood Bears

Women’s 5vs5
1-st place: Mythics
2-nd place: Ordo Obelios
3-rd place: Pixicorns

Most Valuable Fighter: Megan Ganley, Ordo Obelios

Our congratulations to the winners!!

Video of the tournament is available on our YouTube channel.

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