Dear HMB community, the follow…

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Dear HMB community,
the following information was earlier posted in the closed groups for HMB National Federations and National Team Captains.

The work of the whole organisation was complicated with the set of consequences we faced after the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24th on the eve of the Buhurt Prime tournament that was fully planned and prepared several months before. The organisation team made all possible efforts to follow its obligations for the hosting party, partners and athletes. At the same time a lot of team members who have friends and families both in Ukraine and Russia couldn’t fulfil their duties properly which is fully understandable. We had to rearrange a lot of things to let people return home safely from Serbia as their well-being was of the highest priority at that moment.

On Saturday evening the following letter with the Termination of Collaborative project Agreement of Intent on hosting Battle of the Nations 2022 was sent to the HMBIA office by the Visit Oradea General Manager:
“Dear all,
Let me start by thanking each and every person from your team for the collaboration and communication that our teams had in the last 1 year and a half. We got to know you all and you are a great team. We really appreciate what you are creating for this sport and the dedication that you have for it.
Taking into consideration the situation that is taking place at international level, our Association and the City of Oradea in a very delicate position regarding organising BoTN and therefore, the decision was made to redraw our Association, and Oradea as the hosting city for BoTN and terminate the agreement.
Thank you again for all the efforts and work that was invested in this project and for sharing with us your passion for this historical cultural heritage.
With kind regards and consideration.”

In response to that decision several meetings and calls were arranged in the attempt to keep the World Championship this year possible as the absence of the biggest HMB sport competition for more than 3 years leads to the fade of the sport skills and international experience exchange which is the important part of the athletes development. But as it was already announced on the BotN official page, we have to admit the sad fact that the Battle of the Nations 2022 is officially cancelled.

On Monday, the International Olympic Committee recommended that international sports federations wouldn’t allow Russian or Belarusian athletes and officials to participate in international competition “to protect the integrity of global sports competitions and for the safety of all the participants.”
Several leagues have adopted measures along those lines, benching Russian teams and also moving scheduled events out of the country while condemning Russia’s actions.
Over the past few years HMBIA highlighted the fact of its ongoing evolution into a sports organisation in accordance with the requirements of GAISF, which means it is aimed to follow the international standards and values.
It was proposed that the General Assembly meets at an online emergency special session for discussion of the HMBIA’s decision on the matter, which will be followed by a vote. As for ordinary General Assemblies, only the member countries (affiliated national organisations) are invited and have one vote each. If the Head cannot attend, it is possible to give the proxy to another appointed member.