Upcoming tournaments Sorry, w…

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Upcoming tournaments

Sorry, website is currently not fully operational, so I can’t add new tournaments. I will do it asap. There is a list of the tournament in the queue, if such situation continues for more, they will be announced here before their appearance on the website.

One of them will be held next week:

Cavaleiros Arnold, Buhurt Challenger, Men’s 5vs5, Brazil

Tournament is part of the Arnold Sports Festival, South America

I hope we will manage to organize the livestream

Also, we will another tournament in Spain the same weekend!!

Torneo El Burgo de Ebro, Buhurt Challenger, Men’s 5vs5 and 12vs12, Spain

Livestream is planned on Buhurt League YouTube and Facebook channels. More information will be given soon.

See you soon 🙂
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