Sorry for a long silence. Week…

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Sorry for a long silence. Weekly video will be tomorrow, finishing some tournaments registration 🙂 We have a loooooot of tournaments coming. See you tomorrow!

For today, we have finished document related to establishment of the marshaling system of the Buhurt League.

Marshals will be divided by conferences and each conference will be led by its head marshal.

APAC: Stephen Slater
Eastern Europe: Sergey Bogonenko
Western Europe: Myself (Alexander Titov)
North America: Ana Laura Hernandez Reginleif
South America: Roberto Kato Acosta

Buhurt League Knight Marshal: myself.

Each conference will be led by them. In case the country doesnt have a head marshal, this stage is skipped and accreditation goes as regional>international.

Also, organizers now have the possibility to regulate the marshal community by inviting or ignoring them. Marshals will need to judge at least 2 BL tournaments per season to save accreditation.

For any questions, feel free to ask under this post or in pm your regional head marshal or me.

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