Hey everyone, Alex is speaking…

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Hey everyone, Alex is speaking.

Video is re-uploaded, there were some issues with it.

Sorry for delay, yesterday I needed to sum up Mashaling system of the BL. You can check this out in previous BL post. Shortly: Marshals are divided by conferences, each conference is led by local marshal. Standartized system of accreditation as obtaining as losing one. A little bit of decentralization, a little bit separation of powers. I”m sure all regions will develop quite fast.

Website is currently not working as it should, so I cant register the tournaments, but I can make posters! You can find them in the video and organizers will announce their tournaments if they didnt do it yet.

List of the marshals is almost ready, it will be poster this week.

I’ve ordered design of the first part of Buhurt League merch with partnership with the teams! The first part are hoodies: Prague Trolls, Cerberus Emmisus and Warriors of Light. Profit gained from this merch will be divided between team and Buhurt League! Pre-order will start as soon as I find production and finish design of the first 3 items!

Support me on Patreon! I promise to create some content for patreon only as soon as I finish reestablishment of the BL system and have some time for it.

This Friday 29 April at 19:00 CEST I plan to make Q&A session with Gavin as moderator. See you on Friday!

P.S. Sorry for a bit tired apperance. I hate timezones.