Tournaments announcement and a…

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Tournaments announcement and a few news

Pascal Vuk Just Out Festival, Buhurt Open 27-28 August, Serbia

Torneo Delle Alpi, Buhurt Open 3-4 September, Italy

Registration will be announced separately. Two great events, I hope to be able to judge both of them, see you there 🙂

As I mentioned in the last video, I’d like to ask everyone willing to help with the social media to write me again. I want to create a small group to fill Instagram and Facebook with a bit more content 🙂

I will make a series of the webinars about the livestreaming of the tournaments. These webinars will be part of the additional content available for Parteon subscribers. The first one will cover basics things how to make a simple lowcost livestream in shitty conditions. The first webinar will be this Saturday, 14 May, 19:00 CEST. Link will be available on Patreon page (or livestream on their platform, I didnt check it yet 🙂 )

Support me on Patreon: and see you soon 🙂