Regulations change and tournam…

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Regulations change and tournament announcement

Tournament requirements for APAC conference to reflect actual situation in HMB community in the conference (low number of the teams in total, very long distances, extremely expensive travel):

Buhurt Challenger: Minimum 2 BL teams participating, minimum 4 teams in total.
Buhurt Open: No specific requirements about teams’ composition. Buhurt Open status to be granted by negotiations with the teams and organizers in each case.
Buhurt Masters: No specific requirements about teams’ composition, except representatives of all countries must be presented. If it’s not possible even in theory (for example, travel ban in China) – participation of such country is not required.

I leave a right to not register a tournament if I suspect abuse of the regional rules.

General regulations update is planned for late June/July.

SA Buhurt Cup

Buhurt Challenger, 20 August 2022, Australia

South Australia first annual buhurt cup at Barossa Medieval Fair

For the men 5v5
first place $1000
2nd place $750
3rd place $500

Registration will be opened 24 May 12:00 CEST

Your Alex.

#BuhurtLeague #APACconference #BarossaMedievalFair