Tournaments news, updates, etc…

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Tournaments news, updates, etc

Occasionally I didnt post about Mercia Cup. Sorry White Company. Fixing it right now.

Mercia Challenge Cup

Buhurt Challenger, 30-31 July 2022, Towcester Racecourse, UK

No maximum teams, registration is opened!

Major tournament update:

Pascal Vuk Just Out Festival

Buhurt Open, 27-28 August 2022, Despotovac, Serbia

Registration is opening 26 May 19:00 CEST
Maximum teams: 20

One more tournament in Australia!


Buhurt Challenger, 2-3 July, Hawkesbury, Australia
Registration is opening 26 May 19:00 CEST
Maximum teams: 10

Full list of tournaments is available on the website. Current number of registered tournaments – 19!!!! And we have the first triple-weekend! 2-3 July is gonna be hot!

Due to continued DDOS attacks, regular login panel and password restoring dont work.
In order to login, please proceed to the wp-admin panel:
If you dont remember your password or username, please contact me directly, I will help you. Alexander Titov . Your username is not email!
After being logged in, proceed to the regular captain’s admin panel
Please update your rosters!
You DONT NEED to add fighters during registration process on the website. I’m checking protocol provided by organizers.

Your support is the thing moving Buhurt League forward! >