Psssss. Wanna some… hoodies?…

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Psssss. Wanna some… hoodies?!

Official Buhurt League hoodies. 2 kinds, thin and denser ziplock

With your favorite team. (and also Marshals 🙂 )

Idea of the hoodies to make different kinds for different teams in the same style. Thin one to be more sportlike, with huge logo on the back. Denser one will be more suitable for everyday use repeating tabards when it’s possible.

Order made as a title team: thin 70 euro, dense 95 euro, both 150 euro.

Order made as a fan: thin 80 euro, dense 110 euro, both 175 euro.

Difference from team order and fan order will be transferred to the title team from all fans orders.

I need at least 10 pre-orders of the dense ones to make them. Thin ones I can make even 1 piece. But I need at least 10 pieces pre-order if you want your own team design.

Production is located in Czech Republic and Poland.

Currently ready design:
Warriors of Light, Ukraine
Prague Trolls, Czech Republic
Cerberus Emissus, United States
Marshals (Only for accredited BL marshals at least at national level)

For now I’ll need 100% prepayment, but production is very fast (1-2 weeks).

And you can support Buhurt League by Patreon, the link will be in the first comment 🙂

P.S. I’m not sure if the prices will remain the same for a long time, I’m afraid soon or less they will rise.

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