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World Ranking

I hope to be able to repair website soon, so, world ranking is made currently as a picture.

1st: Grimaldi Milites, Monaco
2nd: Aquila Sequania, France
3rd: Les Comtois, France
4th: Pardus Bellator – Bordeaux Behourd, France
5th: Prague Trolls, SKSKB PRAHA, Czech Republic
6th: Dallas Warlords : Armored Combat Sports, United States
7th: MFC Vysočina, Czech Republic
8th: Iron Dome Battle of the Nations – Team Israel, Israel
9th: La confrérie des Loups, France
10th: Diex Aïe, France
11th: White Stags, Serbia
12-13: Iron Wolves DK, Denmark
12-13: Knyaz USA – Medieval Fighting Club, United States
14th: Asociación de Combate Medieval de la Ciudad de México A.C., Mexico
15th: The Company Of The Rage Foxes, Mexico

Summer is in hot time (in all means). More tournaments are coming, more points are to be gained.

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